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1. If you know what Addax® model you want to buy and you have found it on the Technical Data page, if you know serial number or nomber of drow your Addax® shaft, please send a request and specifying to technical support by e-mail :

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2. If you want to buy spare parts and/or accsessories for your Addax® shaft, please, select the part number in the Parts and Accessories page and send a request by e-mail.


3. If you
– have an old Addax® model and you haven’t found it in the Technical Data page,
– have been using the shaft of another manufacturer,
– want to buy a new Addax®
please, fill in the form below and get an extra 5% discount on your purchase (offer is valid for customer from CIS  countries).



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Rexnord pioneered and introduced the first advanced composite couplings to the cooling tower industry in 1987.
With over 50,000 Rexnord Addax composite couplings installed on every continent around the world over the past 25 years,
Rexnord has the most experience of any composite cooling tower manufacturer.